In the last 30 years, CRUSE NETWORK OF REALTORS has become one of the largest and professional real estate organizations in New York. Due to the vision and commitment of its founder Jose De La Cruz, the company has demonstrated tremendous growth. In our offices throughout New York, there are about 150 associates all together.

Cruse Realty
92-15 Roosevelt Ave
Jackson Heights, NY
(718) 335-4040

1208 Liberty Ave.
Cypress Hilles, NY 11208

Fax: 718-235-7671
Cell: 631-879-2221

CRUSE NETWORK OF REALTORS also stands tall in professional circles. The company is a member of the Long Island Board of Realtors, Bronx Board and National Association of

Realtors, through which it gains access to both local and national referrals. Further more, it is proud of its membership in the National Association of Real Estate, Appraisers and the New York State Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

Residential real estate is not the only field of activity in which CRUSE NETWORK OF REALTORS specializes. It also handles investments and all types of loans through another division, R & R MORTGAGE BANKER. R & R is the perfect complement to CRUSE NETWORK OF REALTORS providing all home financial services associated with real estate refinances, second mortgages, equity loans, business property loans, home improvement loans and first mortgages.

All in all, CRUSE NETWORK OF REALTORS is a full service real estate organization that stands on the cutting edge of the market place and offers unique opportunities for the career-minded individual.